How to join a game over the internet.

If the host is directly connected to the internet, and has changed their firewall settings to allow incoming connections for HMS Marulken, the clients should be able to join the game by simply pressing join and typing in the host's IP address and pressing ok.

It seems, however, that the library we used to make the networking portion of game doesn't handle NAT punchthrough natively, meaning that if the host is behind a router, the connection will fail.

We are working on a solution for this issue. In the meanwhile, here is a workaround solution:

To sidestep this problem of network address translation, it is possible to join through a virtual private network. It is possible to set up such a network using Evolve.

To download Evolve, go here.

Download and install the program.
Make a user.

Select friends > create party.
The program will prompt you to install a network adapter.

Press install.

Invite the people you want to play with by pressing ‘Send party invite’.

If everything works you will now see a green symbol next to your name, and some numbers. This is the IP address your friends should connect to when playing the game. When joining a game, right click on the symbol of the person that hosts the game, and choose copy IP address. Press ctrl+v to paste it in the join field. Press ok.

If you see this error annotation,

please go to Device Manager > Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter > Advanced Tab > and set the Value for the Mac Address to "0". Then restart Evolve. This should fix your problem.