To download the game, click the download link for the appropriate operating system:

Click here to download HMS Marulken for Windows (build 144).
Click here to download HMS Marulken for Mac (build 144).

Then click the download icon on the top of the page.

Click download. Locate the you downloaded on your hard drive and extract it anywhere. Double click the .exe file to start the game.

To start a new game, press new game. Type in your name and press ready. Enter the password you want the server to have. Leave it blank if you don’t want a password. Press OK. You are now in the lobby. For other player to connect, you must allow them through your firewall.

To join a game, press join game. Type in your name and press “ready”. Enter the server's IP-address and a password if required. Press OK. If nothing happens for about ten seconds, the connection attempt failed. This is likely means you entered the wrong IP-address, or you are blocked by the host’s firewall. Press “new crew” to create a new submarine.

Now players will be able to join your submarine or create one of their own. When all connected players pressed the “i’m ready to play”, the game starts.